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Mighty Bucky
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 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • What can Mighty Bucky do for me?
    The Mighty Bucky Line is the perfect tool for developing exercises that target specific muscle groups necessary for riding rough stock. Its convenience allows you to work on a regular basis and the time you spend exercising will be much more enjoyable and profitable. The Mighty Bucky line can help keep the groin, thigh, abdomin, lower back, arms, shoulders, and neck conditioned, strengthened, and toned by the application of actual competition situations. By using a series of "special Mighty Bucky drills", Mighty Bucky can help you achieve that "burn" necessary to build stamina, endurance and strength.

  • What if I have an injury, or am trying to come back from an injury?
    While isolating the injured area, Mighty Bucky gives you the ability to retain muscle tone in the rest of your body without the risk of being on a bull. On Mighty Bucky you can rehab at your desired rate depending on your stage of recovery. You can slowly work back into full speed without the risk of further injury and abuse that can be sustained in the practice pen.

  • Once I place my order how long before my Mighty Bucky arrives?
    Units usually ship within 4 to 6 weeks.

  • What is the difference between the four Mighty Bucky units avaiable?
    The Mighty Bucky was the first training simulator to come along. It is designed for Bull Riders. The Mighty Bucky Extreme is also designed for Bull Riders with the added feature of a side to side roll. The Mighty Broncy is designed for both bareback riders and bronc riders, but can also be used for bull riders. It is the best unit for those working multiple events. Lil' Bit Bucky is used for the younger cowboys/cowgirls who want to ride calves, steers, & jr bulls. It also has a recommended weight limit of 100 lbs.

  • Are the Mighty Bucky units motorized?
    The units are designed so that the weight is balanced and the action from the unit comes from the tension you place on the springs while bucking. There are no motors used.

  • How do I set Mighty Bucky Up
    Check out the description on the Services Page

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